Personal space and belly touching

Rach & Alex & BebeThere’s just something about a pregnant woman that gets everyone around her excited and feeling happy. It makes sense; new life is such a precious, beautiful thing – it’s not hard to see why people seem to lose their minds around a woman with a burgeoning belly.

And  losing their minds is about best way I can describe what happens when someone who sees a pregnant woman and touches her belly without permission.

Because who in their right mind would think it appropriate to just reach out and touch somebody in a personal spot, with no invitation to do so extended?!

You wouldn’t think it appropriate to touch my belly any other time – just because I’m pregnant does not change anything.

You wouldn’t walk up to somebody’s dog and just pet it without asking first, because the dog could bite you. And while I’m not an animal with unpredictable behaviour who will bite, the same principle applies.

At any other time, this type of unwelcome invasion of personal space is called assault, I don’t see why it’s any different because I’m pregnant. My baby and my belly are not independent of me, they are very much a part of my body still, and I think it’s only fair women expect some level of personal space during their journey to motherhood.

And please don’t call me ‘sensitive’ or ‘hormonal’ or ‘touchy’ for calling you out when you touch me without asking. I’m none of the sort. I’m just a human being who values privacy, personal space and healthy boundaries.

I wouldn’t come up to you and lay my hand on your face; please show pregnant women the same courtesy and respect.

Mamas: How did you handle unwanted belly touches?

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3 thoughts on “Personal space and belly touching

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