Balancing acts

Yoga MomsThis morning presented itself to me an interesting lesson in the laws of physics. Namely, that a pregnant woman who leans too far forward will continue to fall forward until she’s flat on her face.

Now, before you start freaking out, know that both myself and baby are perfectly fine.What had happened was that I was about to sit down in the bathroom before I left for work, and as I was bending down, I guess I happened to lean a bit too far forward, and once that motion started I just couldn’t stop myself from falling forward.

“Oh god, really? Come on!” was all I could think as I toppled on over.

It was slow, it was not from a height – and I spent the better part of the following five minutes laughing hysterically after picking myself up off the floor.

I guess because you gain weight so slowly during pregnancy, you tend not to notice when you get so big your belly turns you into an object of momentum.

Oh, sure, I’ve noticed that my balance has been wonky as of late, with weeble wobbles happening quite frequently on my evening strolls with my husband. In fact, it’s to the point now that I can’t walk on the sidewalk close to the road without damn near tripping and falling every time I pass the ramp for a driveway. Not that I could walk a straight line to save my life before I got pregnant either – but the frontheavyness is really throwing me for a loop now. And forget about trying to move on public transit – that’s a lost cause for this kid.

Mamas: Any funny stories about losing your balance with your growing baby?

Photo via Lululemon Athletcia,

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