Pregnancy massage review

facial massageEven before getting pregnant, regular massage therapy treatments were something I indulged in. I’m fortunate enough to have the insurance coverage and there are so many proven health benefits to massage that it seemed silly not to.

Which was why I was thrilled when my regular massage therapist told me that the clinic would be able to accommodate both me and my bump once it was no longer safe for me to lie on my belly or back.

So, for the last few months, I’ve been seeing my regular massage therapist (Elise, who is simply amazing at what she does) at Body & Soul Massage for a monthly pregnancy massage.

Now, pregnancy massage differs from traditional massage in that the woman lies on her side for the treatment – with pillows supporting her neck, belly and between her knees to release any strain in the lower back.

Starting on one side, your therapist will run your neck, shoulders, back, hips (which can get especially tight during pregnancy) and legs. Flip to the other side and repeat. You can then lie on your back, as the therapist adjusts the table to a safe incline for you and baby. More neck and shoulder work, as well as arm and hand massage rounds out the treatment.

I’ve found that Body & Soul has always had a very welcoming and calming atmosphere – a must in any place where the goal is to achieve complete relaxation. There’s no off-putting smells that could offend a pregnant woman’s heightened olfactory response and the music is soothing and not too loud.

Elise is a miracle worker with her hands, and is very attentive to any particular areas of stress or concern. She’ll even go through some simple stretches and strengthening exercises you can do at home to help recurring trouble spots.

Price-wise, Body & Soul is on par with most of the other massage places I’ve been to in the city, and their prenatal massage is actually a bit less (woo hoo!) than what I was paying for the deep tissue treatments I received before I was expecting.

Overall, I’d highly recommend Body & Soul Massage Therapy to a mama-to-be looking for a little pampering and relaxation.

Mamas: What’s your favourite massage place in the city?

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Note: I did not receive compensation of any kind for this review.

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