Why am I so hungry all the time?

A Rainbow of Fruity FlavorChalk it up to the catch-all excuse of pregnancy of fluctuating hormones, or simply that growing a human being takes a lot of energy, but for the last week or two I have been just ravenous pretty much all of the time.

It’s to the point now where I’ve even woken up in the middle of the night with hunger pangs and had to nosh a small snack before going back to bed. (Because the half dozen trips to the bathroom every night weren’t enough of a sleep disturbance).

This is in stark contrast to the feeling of complete stuffedness I’d been having for the last couple months. It was like I didn’t have enough room in my belly to eat all of the tasty treats I wanted to eat (or the vitamin-rich foods I know my baby needs.) I kept telling people that I’d run out of room in my tummy for food. So what gives, why the sudden change now?

Pregnancy is so strange. First you start off feeling so sick (at least, I did) that you don’t want to eat anything, and then when you start feeling better you’ve got no room left to satisfy your appetite. It’s a cruel, cruel situation. And, given last month’s 9-pound weight gain (yeah, I’m a champ – look out for that post in a couple of days) I’m trying not to eat too much that I don’t need, without depriving myself and baby of nutrients. But being hungry is not a happy feeling.

Mamas: Did you find you got to a point in your pregnancy where you felt hungry all the time?

Photo via *Micky, Flickr.com

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