Babies ‘R’ Us registry review

Baby RegistryWhen my husband and I got married nearly two years ago, we didn’t register as we’d been living together for several years and already had everything we needed for our life together, so when we found out we were expecting our first little one, I was super excited to set up a registry for our baby-to-be.

When it came to setting up a wish-list for our little one, it seemed only natural to register with Babies ‘R’ Us – they know little ones, were located close to us and offered both online shopping and price matching.

The process was simple enough – I simply created my profile online (I’m a huge fan of anything you can do online!) and then started searching and adding items to our registry.


  • The folks at Babies ‘R’ Us were lovely enough to put together a list of ‘registry essentials‘ for first-timers who have no idea what’s actually necessary for a new baby. While I don’t necessarily agree with every recommendation on the list (change table, night light) it was great for those items you might not think about (scratch mittens, nasal aspirator).

After reading reviews and getting recommendations from the recent mommies in my life, I was able to put together a good chuck of nice-to-haves for baby.

  • Of course, there are some things you can’t full appreciate online, and so a trip to the store was necessary for those items, namely clothing and linens. A short walk to the back of the store where the registry desk sits, we were quickly set up with a gun to scan the remaining items on our wish list.
  • I like the fact that I can go online and edit or update our registry at any time, and any price reductions are automatically reflected on the item info.


  • When we went in to add to our registry, the sales associate who helped us was a lovely woman, but didn’t understand personal boundaries. After asking how far along I was, she proceeded to lay both her hands on my belly to determine if I was having a boy or a girl, and you know how I feel about unsolicited belly touches. She then told me it was too early for her to tell (like she’s an expert, or I care either way).
  • Sometimes items are no longer available online, only in store, or they don’t have an online item profile, and so when you review your list the description isn’t enough for you to remember exactly what item you’d added to the list.
  • There are NEVER enough cashiers working the checkout line. If there’s one thing this mama has a hard time with, it’s standing in a slow-moving line.

Mamas (and papas): Where did you register and how was your experience?

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Note: I did not receive compensation of any kind for this review.

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