Evymama Jane Street review

When it comes to having babies and procuring all the things you’ll ‘need’ to raise one, there’s no shortage of big box, specialty, and niche stores in the city where one can find any item your heart desires.

I’d been familiar with the Jane St. location of Evymama since we first moved to the neighbourhood nearly three years ago. And while someone I used to know had told me the staff were rude to her sister, I always make my own conclusions about a place.

I’ve decided to breastfeed, and liked the idea of being able to pump so that my husband could take a late night feeding (and I could get more sleep) as well as being able to bank some extra in case I wanted to go out for a day or evening, without little one going hungry. Which is why a breast pump was an obvious choice for our family situation.

After searching reviews and reading features of breast pumps for what seemed like years, I felt comfortable settling on a model from Ameda that met all our needs. Thing was, the only place in the city I could find that sold it was Evymama.

As a savvy consumer, I like to see and understand what it is I’m buying before dropping serious cash, especially when that item is non-refundable.

When I asked the sales associate if she could show me how the pump works so I could better understand, I was a bit put off when she simply pointed to the picture in the box and ran down the features of the pump, which I’d already read online.

I completely understand the hygienic reasons around not opening a breastpump, but for a store that is such an advocate of breastfeeding, I thought they’d at least have a unit dedicated for this purpose. Surely they sell enough units to justify fully education customers with a demo unit before purchase? Businesses can write such an expense off and it’s not like a car where there’s a new model changing things up every year. I’m really hoping that the instructions are enough for me to get the proper use out of it.

Aside from that, the sales people were very nice and lovely, and the atmosphere of the store was inviting. The store had  a wide variety of really nice blouses and dresses, but I could never afford anything on the rack in there in a million years. But that’s OK – I’m not the kind of client Evymama is marketing itself to. One exception I’ll be making when it comes to nursing bras – those are a serious investment and Evymama has some of the most functional and SEXY pieces I’ve seen yet. After 9 months of feeling like a waddling balloon, mamas gonna want to get her confidence back after baby, and like all the ladies out there know, nothing works as good as a new sexy and comfortable bra.

So while my pump purchasing experience wasn’t super, I will still be going back – for their expertise and quality inventory.

Mamas: Have you had experience with Evymama? Share it in the comments below.

Note: I did not receive compensation of any kind for this review.

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