Thyme Maternity review

20120803-170210.jpgWhen it comes to buying maternity clothes in Canada, there seems to be very few options for expectant mothers, and even fewer still stylish options.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was all determined that I wasn’t going to buy any special maternity clothes that I’d only wear ‘for a couple of months’ anyways. I didn’t think I would grow large until close to the end of my pregnancy (HA!) nor did I think there was much more that maternity clothes could provide that regular clothes in a larger size couldn’t. Boy was I wrong.

Turns out, I did get quite the belly around the 5 month mark, and that having properly-sized maternity clothes can make you look and feel good. Not to mention that having a little extra room in just the right spots (while leaving other areas at pre-baby snugness) can really help an expectant mama to feel both comfortable and sexy.

While we were in Florida for our babymoon back in April, we hit up the local Target and found some great-looking cotton, stretchy dresses (hooray for a summer pregnancy!) that have grown with me and my bump since week 13 and I’ll be able to wear long after baby arrives. I was also able to score an awesome pair of maternity shorts, and a basic T-shirt, all for less than $100, taxes included! Shopping in the States is a dream.

But, as I continued to slowly grow out of my regular clothes and eventually my ‘fat’ clothes, I decided to cave and grab a few maternity pieces to add into my rotation.

Another woman in the office was also expecting her first babe, about three months ahead of me, and with a similar build I asked her where she got her perfectly hemmed pants and cute blouses. She told me Thyme Maternity, and thus began my love affair with this brand. And don’t I look cute in that outfit above left?! All from Thyme!


  • Wide selection of styles for nearly every fashion sense
  • Collaboration with Babies ‘R’ Us means you can shop online and get a bit more of a discount
  • Knowledgeable in-store staff helped me find the perfect bra for both fashion and function
  • Had a wide variety of stylish (and affordable) dresses when I found myself looking last-minute for something to wear to a summer wedding
  • Customized emails with recommendations for what to wear and essentials for each trimester
  • Sale rack is constantly rotating, with new styles added every week (and even day, I’m sure – though I wasn’t in that often)
  • You’re entered into their monthly contests every time you scan your (free) Thyme ID card in store, with no purchase required!
  • Free gift with purchase, over a certain amount


  • Like every clothing retailer, they shift seasonally a bit early – so summer clothes need to be purchased in late spring/early summer
  • My pants size wasn’t always available when I tried to shop in store. They also don’t seem to carry much stock in very large sizes, which is a big bummer for mamas-to-be who start pregnancy heavier
  • A few times, the items I’d just bought went on deep discount the following week
  • Some of the items are a bit pricey, considering you can’t wear them all after baby

Mamas: Where did you shop for stylish maternity clothes?

Note: I did not receive compensation of any kind for this review.

3 thoughts on “Thyme Maternity review

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  2. Thyme maternity has horrible customer service. Shop somewhere they appreciate their customers. God forbid you have an issue with your products or order.

    • I’m sorry your experience hasn’t been great. I must say I’m very excited by the addition of Target, Walmart and Old Navy’s maternity lines to the Canadian retail space, as they weren’t options for me a couple of years ago. What brand do you like?

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