Strange dreams while pregnant

DreamsOne of the joys (?) of pregnancy is that due to the many hormonal changes happening, you tend to have more vivid and easily recalled dreams.

And boy, have I had my fair share of these over the past 7 months.

At first, my dreams had recurring themes of me running full-tilt searching for something I’d lost (like my nanna, who had simply vanished from outside my childhood home) , or super x-rated scripts involving some of my favourite celebrity crushes (sorry hubs).

One of the strangest and most detailed I can recall from early in my pregnancy was that I taking a taxi to work, my bicycle beside me in the back of the car, only to find that when I got to the office that the building was on fire. It was 3 or 4 in the morning, and that taxi drove us down into the entrance for streetcars. I still can’t figure out what it means – if it means anything.

The next stage of my dream narrative seemed to revolve around end-of-days scenarios – with my husband refusing to come with me in my last-ditch effort for survival.

I’ve now started having variations of survivalist dreams. The world is no longer ending, which is a nice change of pace, and while it’s no Hunger Games, I’m still fighting for my life.

The other night, I dreamt I was working at a slave-staffed fruit chopping facility (watermelon was my specialty) located in a rural camp in the middle of a lake. Suddenly, we were all lined up on the roof of one of the buildings and told to jump. Everyone died but because I was an expert diver (in my dream, I am not in real life), I survived the fall but was left to tread water in the middle of this great body of water, unbeknownst to my captors. Is this a reflection of how I’m feeling in my day-to-day? That I’m barely keeping my head above water with all that needs done between work and home?

They say that dreams are your mind’s way of handling the stresses of life and making sense of it all. Perhaps that’s all these strange night visions are, and there isn’t a need to read into them too much. In the meantime, I’ll just try to stay alive – both in my head and in person.

Mamas: What were some of the strange dreams you had while pregnant?

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