Nesting urges

NestingTime for another confession. Over the last week or so, I have had the most unrelenting and compelling urge to stockpile and hoard household essentials.

It started innocently enough. Toilet paper, toothpaste, Windex. Slowly it grew into things like laundry soap, fabric softener and pet litter. Most recently, I’ve been overcome with an urge for tiny, tiny clothes.

Husband and I had both agreed to hold off on buying any clothes for little one until after baby’s shower so we can take assessment of sizes and items we’ll actually need, versus simply stockpiling outfits he/she may not even get the chance to wear before outgrowing. While in theory I agree with him, I just couldn’t help myself yesterday and picked up two adorable little onesies – in size 3-6 months – with the hope they’ll last a bit longer than any newborn pieces.

Hubs looked at me like I was mental when I showed him my purchase (the onesies, along with another jug of laundry detergent) – but I honestly think I might have broke into tears if I hadn’t picked up those tiny clothes yesterday. I just needed them – you know?

They say that women in their third trimester hit a ‘nesting’ phase, where they work furiously to make sure everything is ready for baby. They clean, they organize, they shop.

I am so there.

Boxes are relentlessly sorted through; drawers emptied, cleaned and neatly re-filled only with essentials. Our recycle bin is so full this week we won’t be able to put everything out.

I just want everything to be organized and ready. NOW. My poor hubs is being such a good sport through all of this, ‘yes dear’-ing and helping prep anything I ask him.

We’ve only got a couple more months before little one arrives, and while I’m feeling more tired than before, I’m going to take advantage of this go-get ’em attitude and bursts in energy while I can to get done as much as possible so that there’s little work to worry about after baby comes aside from taking care of baby.

Mamas: When did your nesting instincts kick in? What were you busy taking care of?

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