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Rockland Drop-Side Cribs Recalled

(not our crib)

When it came time to select a crib for little one, husband and I took a very long time in deciding which model we’d like. It’d been months we’ve been hunting and nothing was really standing out to as ‘the one’ for our family.

Then someone mentioned mini cribs to me and suddenly it all made sense. Yes. A mini crib is what we needed for our small family home.

After looking at several models, I fell in love with one particular crib dubbed the ‘Emily’ – which just so happens to be the name we chose if little one turns out to be a girl. It seemed like fate that this crib was meant to join our family!

Supporting Canadian retailers is something that’s important to our family so when I went to order the crib, I tried to find a Canadian source – which led me to Lussobaby. I tried their online system and phoning them twice, with no luck securing the crib.

When ordering with Lussobaby proved too difficult, I started hunting around for other retailers that would ship the mini crib of our dreams to Canada. That’s when I discovered Wayfair.com.

Not only would Wayfair ship to Canada, the cost of the crib, mattress two sheets and two mattress protectors cost just as much as ordering the crib only from Lussobaby. And that included the international shipping and duty too! Not a bad deal if you ask me.


  • Items ship quickly
  • We were kept in the loop about our items’ status with frequent updates
  • Great pricing structure
  • Friendly and prompt response from customer service
  • Wayfair rewards


  • Not all items on their site will ship to Canada
  • If you’re only ordering a small item, shipping can cost more making it not economical

Overall I was quite pleased with our experience shopping on Wayfair.com and have already recommended them to a few people.  I’d definitely shop them again.

Note: I did not receive compensation of any kind for this review.

Photo via: USCPSC, Flickr.com

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