Sh*t’s getting real

20120822-213406.jpgI can’t even tell you how excited I was when our little one’s crib arrived from the U.S. on Friday! I was running around the office showing anyone who cared to listen the picture message (at left) hubs had sent to my phone to show me the delivery boxes.

Now, I can’t wait until the next piece of the puzzle is in place: the spot in the bedroom where we’re planning to place the crib to be ready. Hubs is still working on drywalling and sanding baby’s little nook, and then we’ll have to paint and put up a piece of trim before we can set the crib up.

After that, we’ll really be waiting for the final piece to come – baby him/herself!

It’s almost surreal how with each passing week and each little milestone we get so much closer to welcoming this new little person into our lives.

For the longest time it felt like our due date was miles away and we’d never reach it, but as it gets closer to the big day, the time seems to be flying by faster and faster. Which is great, because physically I am so ready to be done with being pregnant – but it’s also a little terrifying, because our lives are going to change big time and I don’t know if you’re ever really ready for that.

The crib is just one more step on the journey – I’ll be even happier once we can decide on a glider!

Mamas: When did things start feeling ‘real’ that your little one was on their way?

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