Baby Wilson baby shower

So lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve quite nearly had enough of being pregnant already. I can totally understand now why baby showers are held towards the end of a woman’s pregnancy – it is certainly a welcome distraction from your sore back, swollen feet and growing bigger-by-the-hour belly.

OK, maybe not the growing belly – since everyone wants to comment on how you’re carrying and touch your expanding self. But to be surrounded by your closest family and friends, the love in the air is palpable, and the positive energy is as infectious as the laughter.

One of my closest and dearest friends gathered the troops and put on a lovely affair which left hubs and I both feeling thoroughly feted and incredibly grateful to the people in our lives who love us, and this new addition to our family, so dearly.

There was delicious lemonade mocktails, fresh fruits and veggies, a crockpot full of meatballs and of course, a delicious cake!

We played guess the song (whose title contained the word ‘baby’), and come up with names for baby – since hubs and I are going for the surprise factor and don’t know if we’ll need boy or girl name. (Though we’re pretty sure we’ve settled on one boy and one girl name that we like.)

Mercifully, I was spared the guess how big her belly is game – I don’t know if my vanity could have taken seeing through other’s eyes how big my belly really is. Although, awkwardly, there was that one guest who brought up the topic of circumcision. Yeah.

The littlest Wilson made out very well indeed – our family and friends were incredible generous (THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS) and helped us cross off the majority of items we had on our registry. All that we really need now is a few clothes, which we’ll pick up once we know if we’re shopping for blue or pink instead of green and white.

Both hubs and I want to send out a gigantic thank you to everyone who came out to help us celebrate little one’s arrival and who have given so generously of your time, your gifts, your wisdom and your offers of babysitting – and don’t think we won’t take you up on them! From the bottom of our hearts, it means the world to us. There aren’t enough ways to say it, but thank you again.

Mamas: Did you have a baby shower? Have you ever thrown one for someone else?

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