So long ankles

20121019-141415.jpgIt feels like years ago that I said goodbye to my waist, and most recently, I’ve bid a fair adieu to both my ankles and my knuckles.

Swelling towards the end of pregnancy is totally normal, so there’s nothing to worry about – aside from what my darling husband refers to as ‘Shrek feet’ not fitting into any regular footwear and the discomfort that comes with stretched skin, there’s nothing to worry about.

And not much that can be done, either.

Back in the dog days of summer heat, my feet swelled but could be relieved with a cool bath or shower. Chilly temperatures no longer give me relief.

Even getting hubs to rub my sausages doesn’t seem to help, and I could spend half my day with my feet up in the air and still look like some kind of monster.

And my knuckles? Lord. I tried to write something down with a pen the other day in a meeting and nearly screamed. My poor little fingers are so puffy now that to bend them enough to function like a normal human being is excruciating. I’m just thankful I can still work a fork with my dino-sized digits, otherwise we’d be in big trouble.

On the bright side, the swelling should be almost completely gone about a week after I give birth, which is thankfully any day now. And it’s just one more excuse (not that I need another one) to curl up on the couch and relax and forget about the housework. I’m blessed with a completely supportive partner who’s more than willing (most days) to pick up the slack, which is marvelous.

I’ll just keep my fingers crossed (ha!) that baby comes sooner rather than later so we can all get back to normal.

Mamas: Did you have bad swelling towards the end of your pregnancy?

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