Monkey see, monkey do

Our little guy has amazed me since the day he was born. As a fresh-born he was already trying to hold his head up! Little guy almost seems like the world moves to slow for him and his development sometimes.


Baby D blowing his raspberries at me.

Case in point: just last week I started blowing raspberries to my sweet boy, in the hopes that he’d pick up this adorable (if messy) habit.

Sure enough, at the start of this week, he was blowing then right back at me! My heart melts every time.

Now, I’m thinking that I should have started with kisses and worked my was to raspberries… slightly less slobber invoked, but ah well, live and learn!

Munckin is also repeating sounds back to daddy and I. So amazing.

Can’t wait to see what he’ll pick up next – hopefully not our swearing habits!


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