The kindness of strangers

So often throughout pregnancy, women can be met with ignorance and rudeness. This can even carry over into new-mommyhood, with glares and snide remarks from the peanut gallery about everything from the style of stroller you rock to your decisions to breastfeed or co-sleep.

Which is why, when something nice happens, it’s good to share. Not all of humanity is so careless and it’s important to remember and celebrate the good ones.

Yesterday, I took baby for a walk down to the local market cafe to sign up for a CSA box. (One of my goals this year is to eat more local, organic and seasonal foods, whose origins aren’t as sketchy as grocery store fare. And supporting local farmers is pretty awesome too!)

The farmer didn’t have enough to make us a box on the spot, which was totally fine, but then a patron kindly offered us her box as she hasn’t yet used the items from her delivery the week prior. Score!

Now, I had babe in his front carrier, and would have had no problems walking home with a bag in either hand, but this lovely woman, Danielle, offered to drop off the groceries at our house so I wouldn’t have to carry them and babe on transit. She even offered to drive baby and I, but sans car seat, I didn’t feel particularly comfortable with the idea, and she understood.

I couldn’t stop thanking this stranger for her kindness to this new mama. It was certainly more than I had expected when I headed out in the morning. She was so gracious, saying, “Don’t worry about it, please. I remember what it was like to be a new mum and always feeling like you’re cooped up and sometimes a little overwhelmed.”

Thank you, Danielle, for helping out a new mom who literally had her hands full. Thank you for taking time out of your day to take care of a stranger. Bless her heart. And bless all the people out there who give freely of themselves to help those they don’t know who may be in need.

Tell me: have you ever been blessed by the kindness of strangers? Or have you done something special to help someone you didn’t know?

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