Green Works cleaners review

The wonderful folks at Green Works recently sent us a basket full of their cleaning products to try and with the string of lovely weather we’ve experienced lately, it’s got us in the spring cleaning mood! Their line of cleaning products contain no harmful chemical fumes and are derived from mostly natural ingredients – important things to keep in mind when you have little ones running around.

Over the last couple weeks we’ve given the full range of items a whirl and here’s what we thought.


Glass and surface cleaner

The Green Works glass cleaner got our windows spic and spam even after a long, dirty winter. Using both indoors and outdoors, our windows seemed clearer than even compared to Windex, considered by many the “gold standard” in window cleaning solutions. There also weren’t any streaks I could notice, again unlike when I’ve used Windex in the past. The smell was also not offensive or nauseating the way traditional ammonia-based window cleaners are.

All purpose cleaner

I used this cleaner to clean the dirt and grime off of our front door. What’s supposed to be red often resembles muddy blood because of all the dirt that blows and sticks to it between cleanings. And while a dirty front door drives my nuts (first impressions are everything!) it’s something I probably only clean about three or four times a year – so there’s a lot of dirt built up. I had to go over the door twice with this cleaner, which isn’t unusual and is actually less than the cleaning solution I used to use. Like the glass cleaner, it had a pleasant and inoffensive smell. Two thumbs up for this one.

Bathroom cleaner

I am lucky enough to have only cleaned my bathroom once or twice in the last 5 years or so (thanks hubsters!) but this stuff was great! I didn’t get light-headed or nauseated from any chemical smell using this cleaner and all the grime cleaned off great with this.


Cleaning wipes

I love disinfecting wipes – they’re great for touch ups between deep cleans and any unexpected messes, but I usually find the fragrance overwhelming. Not so with these ones – plus I know they’re gentler on my skin and the environment, another winner. And they’re even compostable!

Toilet bowl cleaner

I remember years ago using a “green” toilet bowl cleaner that did little in the way of actually cleaning my toilet and left a coloured stain ring in the bowl for weeks. I stuck with traditiional toilet bowel cleaners since, but this might be my new go-to! It cleaned the toilet great and had a great smell to it as well. Knowing that I don’t have to worry about ammonia/bleach mix problems makes me love it even more. LOVE this one!


Dish Soap

Like the other products, I loved the fragrance of this dish soap – the Green Works folks really have theĀ aesthetic part of their products down pat. I was a bit thrown though as it doesn’t suds up like regular dish soap does, but man – were my wine glasses ever CLEAN. I swear you could have done the squeak test with them; there was absolutely no residue or water spots left even. This is a definite switch for me!


Laundry soap

OK so I’m on the fence about the Green Works liquid laundry soap. The first two to three loads I washed with this detergent seemed to gum up my washer, giving me the F-21 error of death and resulting in me having to run the load more than once in order to get a full cycle. I can’t for certain say if it was the detergent that caused the gum up, because it’s been fine since, and I had just run a clean washer cycle the week before testing so things should have been clear. My clothes were comparably clean to the results from a standard detergent, but they didn’t smell as fresh – which is likely due to less chemical fragrance in the detergent itself and isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Overall, I wasn’t wowed by this one and will be sticking to my regular washing soap.

Overall I really liked all of these products – my only suggestion for Green Works would be to look at integrating eco-packaging to fully embrace the green lifestyle. Have you tried any of the Green Works range of cleaning products? What did you think? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

Note: I did not receive compensation for this review but I did receive the cleaning products for free.

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