Chicken salad wraps

Even though I can’t eat eggs for breakfast anymore, I’ve found lunch to be one of the hardest meals to find ideas for since making the switch to paleo. I’m sure it has a lot to do with just how ingrained (ha!) grain-based products are in our lives for that midday meal. Sandwiches and wraps are just so portable, and perfect for holding all that other deliciousness together.

One saving grace for me has been taking big leaves of greens (romaine, collards, chard) and filling them with leftover protein. A year ago I would have smothered it in hot sauce and called it a meal, but peppers and I are no longer friends, and since mayo is out along with the eggs, ‘sauces’ have been few and far between.

But – avocados provide that perfect creamy texture, while satisfying your body’s need for fat and fibre. I don’t know if I’d use it in something like egg salad (never say never) but it was perfect with chicken and I imagine turkey and beef would also be tasty.


Chicken salad wraps (Adjust portions to serve as many as needed) 

  • 1-2 big green leaves of choice (here I used romaine)
  • 1 serving of leftover protein of choice (here I used ~ 1/3 pound of chicken)
  • ~ 2tbsp diced veggies for added crunch and vitamins (celery, onion, carrots, beets, mushrooms, jicama)
  • ~ 1 tbsp fruit, if desired (here I used raisins, but grapes or cherries would work too – blueberries with beef is something I’m keen to try!)
  • 1/2-1 avocado, mashed

Mash avocado and mix in the protein, veggies and fruit. Divide evenly between your green leaves. Pick up and enjoy! It’s that easy – really! I served this with a side of root vegetable chips for a summer picnic vibe.

What are your favourite bread-less lunch ideas? Tell me in the comments below. And let me know if you make these chicken salad wraps (or some version of) and how you like them!

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