WAHM of strong-willed toddler seeks similar for play dates and bitch sessions

Being a mom these days is tough. SO tough. It doesn’t matter whether you’re stay-at-home, work-at-home, work-outside the home or wants-to-run-away-from-home.

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Whereas in years past a woman’s social circle would consist of immediate and distant family within a stone’s throw, nowadays we’re often separated from our families by many miles. Before, there would be a close support network of a woman’s sisters, aunts, cousins and own mother to assist with child rearing tasks, providing mama with much-needed breaks from the all-consuming task of motherhood. Not so these days. 

Being a mother in today’s modern world can be such an isolating experience. At least, that’s what I’m finding – particularly as little D gets older and older, and the issues we’re dealing with become bigger and bigger. I find there’s no one within my social circle who I can talk to about how tough it is to stay strong and consistent in your guidance and discipline. We’ve also yet to find a sitter who can give us some much needed time away when things get intense and need to decompress and recharge. He’s also finding me less of the ideal play mate and looking to interact more with other little people, something that isn’t easy when you haven’t had much practice.

One thing that’s in my control right now though is making new mom friends, something I haven’t put much of an effort into since becoming a mom. I figured since D was at daycare most days he was getting enough socialization with other tots and my parental duties were fairly minimal given that we only spent a few hours a day together. But, now that I’m home with him full-time, I’ve discovered really fast just how much both he and I need more friends.

And so, I’m putting it out there. A personal ad of sorts.

WAHM mom of strong-willed toddler seeks similar for play dates and bitch sessions (and perhaps mutual babysitting services). Babe is 2.5 going on 22.5 and I’m closer to 30 than I’d like to admit. We practice an eco-conscious, gentle parenting and child-rearing style, but you don’t need to – it’s enough for us that you love your child and are able to keep them alive. We don’t care how clean your house is either. Looking to meet at locations in the west end of the city; we love spending hours at the park or the beach. We’re sometimes a little too honest and pretty hearts-on-our-sleeves with our emotions and ask that you respect our delicate souls. We’ll do the same in return. We both have a good sense of humour and love to bake. If you’re also looking for mom/tot friends and think we could be a match, please contact us and we’ll grab some coffee and hit the park (or mall, or aquarium – basically any ‘safe’ space the kids can run wild). 

In solidarity,

Big City Mama

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