Some big, big news!

OK so, those of you who know me IRL, and those who religiously read all my random musings here on the blog, probably know that I have a history of miscarriages. Try as we might, growing our family just hasn’t been in the cards for us over the last two years. After three losses, and a handful of chemical pregnancies, I honestly didn’t think it was in the cards for us.

Which is why I (we) are incredibly excited to finally share with everyone that we are expecting for serious this time. In fact, we’ve waited so long to share this news (since we wanted to be extra, extra sure that all was well) that we’re already about halfway through my pregnancy! This baby is a little busy body in the evenings just like big brother was.


We aren’t sharing my due date (those things are wildly inaccurate anyways, and everyone knows baby will come when they darn will choose) but we’re publicly going with early spring. We also declined to find out the gender this time – same as we did with soon-to-be big brother D, so nothing to share on that end either. (Although both D and I think baby is a girl. Daddy is hoping for another boy, I think.)

We’re really excited (and nervous!) about what life will be like growing from a family of three to a family of four, but we can’t wait to find out and share in the adventure with everyone. Things will be even more interesting this time around as I have officially been self-employed since February. (WHOA! More on that in another blog post.)

I’ve got a ton to say regarding this new little one, so stay tuned for many more posts!

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