The second (or third, or fourth) time around

One of the first lessons I learn about successful pregnancy round 2 is that you have no real appreciation for your first pregnancy until you experience your second (or third, or fourth) pregnancy.

I feel terrible for my little guy – who’s just turned 3 and is lively as hell – because I just have felt so awful so far that I can’t really do much with him. We’ve had a lot more movie days than I’d like to admit as a result of my constant morning sickness and crippling headaches.

I really wanted to take him to the park – this summer was so beautiful – but by the time we’ve walked there, I either needed to pee again, had overheated, needed to vomit or nearly #2’d myself. Needless to say we stuck mighty close to home the majority of the summer – and while I know that playing out in the yard is better than nothing, I can see him slowly getting stir crazy with the same scene every day. And I’m feeling it too.

It’s almost easier now that the weather is getting colder and the days are darker earlier to cuddle up indoors, but we still try to make it out at some point during the day for some fresh air.

One thing that’s been my saviour (and I know I’m incredibly lucky to have the luxury) is that I can nap with D in the afternoons. That extra couple hours zzzs has been a sanity saver for me! (Just one of the many perks of being a work-from-home mom.) Although I can’t just come home, eat dinner and go to bed like I did the first time around, I’ve been able to find a schedule that works for us.

Another thing you take for granted with your first pregnancy is how you obsessively track your stages and weeks and how big in fruit sizes your baby is. The only reason I know how far along I am this time is because of the app I have on my phone. My doctor asked me a few weeks ago and I honestly had difficulty remembering – I only knew that we were well over the hump we hadn’t been able to climb several times before.

If you’ll excuse me, it’s time for that nap…

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