Aftermath update 5

From Charlie’s private Facebook page (yeah, he’s that cool!)


Silly boy, got our hopes up a little too soon.

Overnight Charles had a seizure, his first since being admitted. The doctors think this is because we switched him from IV to oral phenobarbital, and it’s not metabolized the same way, so perhaps his levels got below where we want them. They’ve decided to put him back on a twice daily dose and will recheck his levels Sunday night to make sure we’re still within ideal range. This means no care by parent tonight, and no discharge until at least next week now. While we’re bummed he’s not coming home sooner, we’re glad that he’s getting the extra monitoring and care that he needs. 

Unfortunately because of his episode last night, they had to put him back on the CFM and reinsert an IV into his scalp. This makes skin to skin difficult, and bums mummy out.

He’s still feeding at the breast like a champ, and daddy was well enough to visit today.

So now we’re just hanging tight over the weekend, and will hopefully have more news on Monday. Doctors don’t do rounds on weekends, so we likely won’t have any news until then. Hopefully this little trickster behaves himself over the weekend…

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