Charlie’s 6 month update


Mister Charles continues to kick ass and take names with his progress — he’s a full on sitting champion, and is now able to move from sitting to tummy smoothly and can *almost* get from tummy to sitting position unassisted. He’s able to scoot around on the floor quite well and is *this close* to crawling.

Charlie continues to eat anything and everything (even if it’s not food) and his new favourite tasty things include eggs, dragonfruit, ham, and broccoli. His first tooth popped out about a week ago, and I’m sure there’s more on the way with how much he’s been chewing on things again lately. He’s also mastered the art of the sippy cup and gets a kick out of drinking his water.

Charlie is quickly becoming quite the storyteller, broadening his range of words to combined consonant and vowel sounds. Ma, da, ba, ga, na… and he lets you know in no uncertain terms when he’s happy or displeased with something.


We were recently inpatient at Sick Kids to do video EEG monitoring in the hopes of catching one of his episodes to rule out or confirm seizure activity. The nurses loved him and were literally shoving each other over who could take care of him. They don’t get many babies in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, and certainly none as cute as Charles. We were able to catch 4 episodes within the first 24 or so hours and so they sent us home after just one overnight! We’re still working on getting the last of the glue off of him as he doesn’t like to sit still for that, but at least he didn’t need to have his head shaved this time. We see the neurologist on December 8th for results.

We saw the doctor this week for Charlie’s 6-month well baby and he is 70cm tall (85th percentile) and 8.25kg (~60th percentile). He was supposed to get his next vaccine but because he’s been sick (thanks, big brother!) and has a history of seizures, we’re going to go back in a week or two when he’s feeling better. He doesn’t see the family doc (or the paediatrician) until he’s 9 months now — January.

Charlie will see the neonatal development clinic again in December, a few days after the neuro team. These visits are always a mixed bag as there can be both good and bad news. The report from his first visit in September came and it was all good news, which was a relief, though we know that as he gets older we will find out more and more what the future may hold for him. So far Charlie has been on track as much as D as he’s just such a joy that thoughts of his future are the furthest things from our minds most days. He’s so happy, silly, and peaceful, and really the best addition to our little family that we could have asked for. Stay tuned for cute Halloween photos — he’s going to be a baby wolf!

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