Charlie’s 14 month update

Annnnnnd just like that, in the blink of an eye, more than a year has passed since our second little guy came to join us.

Sorry that I’ve been so quiet on the Charlie front — there just hasn’t been anything to update with. He’s doing so well!

He has become quite the little shishter lately, and loves to do everything the rest of the family does.

After spending his first year focused on the physical, Charles is now catching up with all the communications skills he’d pushed to the side. He’s signing milk, more, eat, and slide. He can say (with greater clarity each day) ball, Declan, mama, dada, balloon, nana (banana), milk, BeatBo, kitty, water, and more.


We saw Sick Kids’ neonatal developmental followup clinic as well as his pediatrician recently. Neither of them have concerns. We are still waiting for a followup hearing screen, as little nugget has some sensory-seeking behaviours related to loud noises. He got his MMR vaccination with no concerns, and we go back for the rest of his 1-year shots in July. He was discharged from neurology just before his birthday, as he has not had seizure activity since birth, and they had no other concerns with his development.

He’s eating all the foods. Playing all the games. Learning all the things. Giving all the kisses. He could spend his entire day just meandering outside.


Honestly, I cannot believe how lucky we got. I am beyond humbled every day. Where we were a year ago seems so disconnected to where we are now. It’s not something I can wrap my mind around. Truly.

I’m currently in the process of rounding up all of Charlie’s medical records so that we can have a clinical forensic medicine physician analyze them and hopefully provide some answers as to the whys surrounding his hypoxic event. There’s a lot to get together, but we are so grateful for the opportunity to possibly get some answers to our questions.

Anyways. We hope everyone has a fantastic summer, and we promise to post again soon!


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