West End Mamas Review

Not too long ago, a friend of mine told me about a little place in Bloor West Village called West End Mamas. It’s a “dedicated wellness clinic for mothers and mothers-to-be,” and boasts services from prenatal yoga to acupuncture, to family counselling and pelvic floor physiotherapy. And since, you know, I kept peeing myself when I coughed, sneezed, or did a squat, I thought I’d check them out, if only for the physio.


First of all, the location of the clinic is super convenient — right across from Jane subway station. It’s actually above my optometrist’s office! Second, everyone in the space is just so gosh darn friendly. I feel like I walk in and I’m just having a chat with one of my best girlfriends — you know, if I had a best girlfriend. Nothing is off the table with these ladies, and I mean, really, once you’ve had a child, your modesty is pretty much gone anyways. Amirite?!


The space is super laid back, calming, and open. I wish I had their yoga studio in my basement! There’s a couple of bathrooms — complete with squatty potties, baby wipes, and anything else you might need. Every inch of the space is immaculately clean and expertly put together. There are a number of treatment rooms set up for the various services the clinic offers, and the walls are adorned with the most beautiful mama-inspired art. My favourite is a framed January Harshe quote. You can even book childcare for your appointment, if you need it. Speaking of bookings — they can be done quickly and easily online, and you’ll get email reminders for your appointments. Easy peasy.


I spend my time in the pelvic floor physiotherapy room (below), which features a really large, comfy bed/table hybrid, and a true-to-life model of the pelvis and its anatomy. Amy Gildner is the gal to see, and is the vagina-whisperer, if you ask me. She runs marathons, is funny as hell, and will totally make you feel at ease during your appointments. No small feat for someone who helps ladies get their hoohas back in tip-top shape! Long story short, with just 3 sessions I no longer have any of the issues I was experiencing. HALLELUJAH! 


If you’re lucky, you’ll see clinic owner and chiropractor-in-chief, Sarah Mickeler buzzing about. Girl is the real deal. Her infectious laugh will leave you clamouring to put your back out, just so you have an excuse to go and see her again.


All in all, I am completely in love with West End Mamas, in case you couldn’t already tell. I only wish that there had been this type of one-stop-shop for pre- and postnatal services when I had my first son. My only complaint is that since the clinic is on the second floor, it is not accessible. But, they do offer stroller locks and help lifting bucket seats up if you need it.

Note: I did not receive compensation of any kind for this review.


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