Medical bariatric program – Week 2

So it’s week 2 of the medical bariatric program, and this week we met with the dietician for info on the Optifast portion of the journey — which lasts 12 weeks. I get 4 of these meal replacement shakes a day, for a total of 900 calories.

They amount to 90g of protein, and all the vitamins and minerals you supposedly need in a day. Available in chocolate or vanilla, we can add sugar-free, calorie-free flavourings, as well as extracts to help with variety and to make them more palatable. Simply mix with water and enjoy.

In addition to Optifast, we can have unlimited low-sodium broth (mmm. not.), 2 cups of non-starchy vegetables, 10 Tic Tacs, 3 pieces of sugar-free gum, and calorie-free drinks. There’s also the “emergency meal” option of 3oz of lean protein with 2 cups of non-starchy vegetables.

I’m feeling really nervous at this point, knowing that I will not be eating “real” food again for another 3 months, but I also know I’ve got no other options for getting my weight under control once and for all. I’m second-guessing my decision, but I will push through anyways.

The dietician tells us we can take an extra couple of days if we need to before starting Optifast, just to make sure we note the date so that we can adjust our transitions back onto food accordingly. I’m relieved, because my sister is having surgery tomorrow and the thought of being at the hospital all day and then helping with recovery while doing the program is overwhelming me.

I weighed in this week at 265.8lbs, up 3lbs from last week. Probably because I was enjoying myself a little too much before saying “see ya later” to solid food. Until next week…!

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