Medical bariatric program – Week 4

I can’t believe I’m at week 4 already! Although the days seem to be creeping slowly by, it seems like just a few minutes since last week’s session. This week we’re talking with social work about taking responsibility and the different types of support systems in our lives.

In a nutshell, it’s better for everyone if you accept that you hold the responsibility for whether or not you choose to eat or drink something, rather than blaming others. Seems like simple advice, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to hear it.

We learned that support systems can include family, friends, colleagues, our doctor, the others in the program, and the team of clinicians helping us through the program. We were asked to take a look at our own support systems and to figure out where we were solid and where we were lacking. Then, think of ways to bulk up the areas where we could use a little more support. We also learned about the different types of support we need, and how to ask for what we need in an assertive manner.

Finally, we discussed healthy boundaries and how to set them. Support and boundaries will be crucial when we transition back onto food. Parties, social events, and other moments of “peer pressure” could quickly derail one from their goals, so being about to say “no thanks” to a less-than-healthy choice that will take us further from our goals will be key to long-term success. And having the support in place to help us achieve our goals will also be a major factor.

For me, I’ve asked my partner to cook for the kids as much as he is able, because having to cook but not eat feels like torture right now. I’ve also had to take a few more naps as my energy levels have been shitty and I have trouble staying awake sometimes. This means he’s also on the hook for more childcare. Sorry, not sorry. I’m even booking more self-care time into my weekly schedule, in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed with all the changes.

I won’t lie. This week has been tough. Today is my birthday and I can’t go out to a restaurant to celebrate. There will be no cake. But I did make a plan (and have made peace with it) that I will enjoy some chicken and sautéed veg as a stir-fry-esque birthday dinner. That will have to be enough for now.

This week, I weighed in t 254.6, down 7 pounds from the week before. That is definitely motivating! I know in the beginning they say you lose water weight, but my coat is fitting a bit better, and my stomach does feel smaller, so hopefully some of that is fat. Until next week…!

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