Medical bariatric program – Week 5

Week 5 of the program, and 2.5 weeks on Optifast shakes. I’m starting to get a bit more energy, and the hunger isn’t as intense as it was in the beginning. I can get through most days with just the shakes and no veggies. I’ve also started exercising doing a circuit with the “Fab 4” moves I mentioned a couple weeks ago. I’m shooting for every other day right now, and so far it has been good. I am sore and sweaty and tired afterwards, but happy. Speaking of which, my mood has picked up a lot since starting on Optifast. Not sure if perhaps I had a vitamin/mineral deficiency that was impacting my depression, but either way, I’ll take the increased happiness and positivity.

At this week’s group, we met with the kinesiologist again, who took us through how to build an exercise program. While she did give us some routines a couple weeks ago, this provides an opportunity for those with little exercise knowledge (or who don’t like the given routines) to learn how to create their own routines. It will also come in handy further down the road when we move out of the active phase of the program and into the self-guided portion. This way, we can create a progressive training program that should help us achieve our goals.

I didn’t focus too much on this session, to be honest. I have a very solid understanding of progressive fitness training, so didn’t feel it was for me. Things like dynamic warm-ups, strength before cardio, and stretching afterwards are not new for me. I can build a program in my sleep. One thing I hadn’t ever really thought about, which seems super important, is balance training! Especially as we age (I know, I’m only 33, still a baby… but I don’t wan’t to be a crippled elderly person!) balance training is important for maintaining health and mobility. Something as simple as standing on one foot while you brush your teeth is perfect for this! Two minutes, twice a day, and it’s not taking time away from your life, as you’re simply multitasking.

My friends and family pitched in last week to get my an Apple watch for my birthday, as I thought it would be useful in helping me reach my goals. Already I’m enjoying the challenge of having to close the activity rings each day, and the reminders to take a mindful minute or two throughout the day. Thank you, guys!!! I also started seeing a new therapist (mine is on leave until further notice) to help me deal with some lingering anxiety about the program and life afterwards. Emotional eating is a tricky beast.

This week I was down 4.2 pounds, to 250.4 — that’s a loss of 12.4 from my starting weight, and 15.4 from my highest weight before I started the Optifast portion of the program. I’m optimistic I’ll be in the 240s next week — someplace I haven’t been in probably years. (I’ve been stuck at 250-255 for the last couple of years).

I also see the doctor next week for my first check-in since starting the program, so I’ll be a day or two later posting so that I can include any relevant details from that appointment. Until next week…!

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