Medical bariatric program: Week 10

Hello hello! This week at the program we discussed transition further, specifically looking at what a sample meal plan might look like. Especially as we move through the 6 weeks of transition, it was good to get an idea of what a daily meal program might look like. The RD mentioned that those who come up with a meal plan for their first few weeks are often more successful with the transition phase of the program, as well as continuing on after the weekly group sessions end. I guess I’ll have some time in the coming weeks of social distancing to get that done.

This week was a week that I’ve been excitedly looking forward to for a while now, since I met with the kinesiologist to do a “halfway point” check-in for my measurements.

First, I was down a wild 4.4 pounds this week. I’d actually felt like maybe I’d gained weight this week, so I surprised even myself! I had, however, made a conscious point of bumping my water intake back up over 4.5L per day, as I’d been struggling to get above 4L the week before, and I know that can have an impact on progress. So I’m now at 232.4 pounds, down 33.4 pounds from my heaviest in the program.

When I saw the kinesiologist after class, I asked her to evaluate my squat form, which she said was really good, but I’d noticed that I lean slightly to either side sometimes when I do them and wanted to correct that. She suggested a loop exercise band around the thighs to help me focus on pushing both legs out the same — and I have found it helpful since.

We also talked about some range of motion issues I’ve had in my shoulder. It’s nothing new, but it’s one of those things that I’ve just adapted to and learned to live with. I figured I have the time and professional supports now to look into it, so why not?! Her assessment showed that maybe some of the muscles around/in my rotator cuff could be weak, so prescribed a few different exercises and stretches I could do to help strengthen the area.

We talked about my current workout routine, and how I might want to change in up in the coming weeks. We also talked goals both short and long-term, and how I could work towards achieving those.

Then, it was on to the measurements!

Now, I did my initial measurements back in September, so they were actually less in terms of pounds, inches, and % than when I started the program in January, but they do show a promising trend! I’ve popped my info into a chart for ease of comparison.

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 2.38.59 PM

It was difficult to remember that I was comparing my September numbers to current, while in my head I was comparing my starting point to now. In the case of overall weight lost, we know that is higher, and it likely is for many of the other numbers as well.

We were both pleased with the fact that my new numbers show me no longer as an apple body shape, but pear. This is associated with fewer long-term health risks. Same for my BMI — I am not longer Obese Class III, I am Obese Class II, which is another major win. Considering that tomorrow I’ll only have been 8 weeks on the Optifast, I think they are pretty phenomenal results, and a nice kick-start to send me off on my own once our weekly sessions are complete at the end of May.

I’ve been keeping up with my workouts, although now my walks to school for the kids are on hiatus while we’re on extended break, but that just means I’ll have to get out with the dog more. My energy levels are still good, but I have been struggling with cravings really bad again. I checked my cycle tracker, and it looks as though it’s likely hormones to blame for the surge in cravings. Must keep reminding myself of my goals to stick to plan.

In full transparency, I have been struggling emotionally. I’m finding my anxiety levels are high, and my mood is very low. It could honestly be a number of factors, not just the food and diet restrictions, but in case anyone was thinking from my updates that this was all smooth sailing, it’s not. I do try to look for the positive in things, but I also want to acknowledge the dark side as well.

I’m managing a lot of difficult feelings about myself, my relationship with food, and my relationship with my body. I do want to write dedicated posts on those issues separately, because they are big things and I have a lot to say on the matter, but I’m mindful of how limited my hours are in a day and what I’ve committed to. I’m also mindful that taking some downtime is also necessary to get through my daily to-dos. So, those deep reflections will come at some point, just probably not as soon as I’d like.

Anyways…. until next week!

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