Bariatric journey: Week 13

Hey friends! TGIF, amirite?! What a week. But, we made it. This week was a big one as I started making the transition back onto solid food. As delicious as it’s been (mmmmmmmm) I’ve also had some anxiety.

It’s not easy worrying if you have a proper portion of xyz, and if it’s going to be enough to keep you full and energized until your next meal. It’s not easy to focus fully and completely on enjoying a meal when you haven’t done it most of your life. Slowing down and really chewing and savouring the food, because you’re so excited to be eating again you just want it all.

But, it’s also been very nice to be able to enjoy a meal with my family again. To be cooking again. To know that I am in control of my progress (or lack of) moving forward.

I’ve been keeping up with workouts on the daily, and sometimes even twice a day. It’s one of the few things keeping me sane during this time of physical distancing. Definitely feeling all the feel good hormones as a result, which is necessary. I started working with a new trainer (virtually) and am feeling muscles I’ve been overcompensating for and haven’t used in a long time — ha! Sore, but in a good way, and am looking forward to seeing more progress.

I weighed in yesterday, and was only down 1 pound, which felt a bit disappointing, but given that I’d lost 6 the week before, I’m just going to do a 2-week average and be happy. And really, down is down, no matter how small. I do find sometimes too that weeks where I work out a lot I don’t lose as much, so keeping that in mind. Same with stress — which has been up this week as well, so just doing what I can do, and controlling my mind.

I still have to get through the extra reading the team had sent, but now that I’m through most of my big work projects for the next little bit I should have some time.

Stay home, stay well, be kind to yourself and others, and wash your hands!

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