Bariatric journey: Week 14

Heeelllo there shiny quarantined people. Hope everyone is hanging in OK. This week I was able to add a second daily meal while removing another shake. I may have got a little overexcited with some pizza one day and then a quinoa bowl with halloumi cheese the next. Anyways… long story short, I ended up with a gallbladder attack. Seems like a case of a little too much fat in the diet too soon, according to my family doctor. So I’ve been MUCH more mindful of my fat portions since, and haven’t had the pain again. THANK BABY JESUS. Because while it was not as bad as my kidney stone two years ago, it came nearly as close as labour.

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Medical bariatric program: Week 11

Hello hello friends…. wow, what a difference a week can make, eh?! If we certainly didn’t know it before, we know it now. Last week we were told our sessions would continue to take place at the hospital, and then we were told on Monday that they would be virtual until further notice.

The clinic is allowing participants to purchase two weeks of Optifatst at a time in order to limit our exposure time at the hospital. So, I went in Thursday morning as usual to get my shakes and do my weigh-in, but then came home to do the class. I also took my home scale with me so I could see what the difference was in order to be able to do at-home weigh-ins more accurately.

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Medical bariatric program: Week 10

Hello hello! This week at the program we discussed transition further, specifically looking at what a sample meal plan might look like. Especially as we move through the 6 weeks of transition, it was good to get an idea of what a daily meal program might look like. The RD mentioned that those who come up with a meal plan for their first few weeks are often more successful with the transition phase of the program, as well as continuing on after the weekly group sessions end. I guess I’ll have some time in the coming weeks of social distancing to get that done.

This week was a week that I’ve been excitedly looking forward to for a while now, since I met with the kinesiologist to do a “halfway point” check-in for my measurements.

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