Charlie’s 14 month update

Annnnnnd just like that, in the blink of an eye, more than a year has passed since our second little guy came to join us.

Sorry that I’ve been so quiet on the Charlie front — there just hasn’t been anything to update with. He’s doing so well!

He has become quite the little shishter lately, and loves to do everything the rest of the family does.

After spending his first year focused on the physical, Charles is now catching up with all the communications skills he’d pushed to the side. He’s signing milk, more, eat, and slide. He can say (with greater clarity each day) ball, Declan, mama, dada, balloon, nana (banana), milk, BeatBo, kitty, water, and more.

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Happy first birthday, Charlie!

Today you are 1. Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister, gas costs about $1.05/L, and if current trends continue, there soon likely won’t be any┬ápapers left for me to tell you what the front page story was.

Gone (mostly) are the tears, fears, and uncertainties of what your future holds, and in their place is hope. Hope for who you are now and who you will become. Hope for each day that we are blessed to have you with us. Hope that with each day you simply are, you are beating any odds that may have been stacked against you in those early days.

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Charlie’s 5 month update

I cannot believe that it has been 5 whole months since we welcomed this dear sweet boy into our family.

Charlie continues to do all the baby things he should be doing, and is such an incredibly easygoing and happy-go-lucky guy.

He’s in love with food — so far he’s given chicken, ground beef, bananas, blueberries, grapes, strawberries, cucumbers, zucchini, sweet potatoes, yellow beans, and carrots (phew!) a try. Cucumbers and chicken seem to be real winners!

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Physiotherapy visit #2

Hey guys –

Just a quick note to say that Charlie saw his PT yesterday and she says she doesn’t need to see us anymore! He is doing so well that he is literally off the chart.

He’s doing things a 6-month-old should be doing and she’s so pleased with his progress from one month ago.

We need to still be mindful of his side preference, but as long as he is using both to any extent then that is fine. YAY CHARLIE!!!!!

Charlie’s 4 month update

Hello everyone! Can you believe that Charles is already 4 months old?! Me neither.

Little man is doing wonderful! We saw the doc today for his 4 month well baby, where he got the second round of 2 of his vaccines. He now weighs just over 16 pounds, is still 99%ile for his height, and his head circumference is back on track (he dropped off a bit at 2 months).

The doc says that Charlie has such great head control he can now ride in the stroller proper, and doesn’t need the bucket seat if we want to change things up for him. He also gave us the go ahead to start introducing solids, since Charlie has been SO interested in everyone’s food and drink lately. (and again, he has the head control required). Since he has not had any issues with his gag/suck/swallow reflex, we’ll try him with baby led weaning the way we did Declan.

Charlie is now rolling both directions, sitting unassisted for up to 60 seconds (even longer with a couple of pillows around him), bearing his weight on his legs, grabbing and holding all the toys, and making all sorts of vocalizations — recently trying his hand at blowing raspberries this week. He’s really had quite the developmental leap in the last few weeks.

He’s sleeping a bit worse, but is SUCH a happy baby overall.

We see his pediatrician again in September. We also see the neonatal development follow-up clinic in September to track his progress so far. I’m nervous for that appointment, but whatever comes of it we’ll deal with. We don’t see neurology until October (I really hope we get the OK to wean off his medication then!!!) and we are in queue to have a 24-72 hour EEG at Sick Kids to hopefully catch one of his “episodes” on the monitor and rule out seizure for good. I’m still hoping it’s just a funny sleep thing for him and not seizure activity. Fingers crossed.

Charlie is going to spend the rest of the summer hanging with big brother until he goes to school, maintaining his schedule of PT, massage, and mom & me music classes.