The seizures

While basking in the new baby glow of our latest addition, I couldn’t help but feel that something was a little off with our Charlie boy.

He didn’t nurse fervently the way his big brother did. He didn’t wet a diaper for ages. He was so calm and quiet.

Part of me felt unsettled by this, but part of me explained it away by the fact that he was an unmedicated home birth. Those babies tended to be calmer, didn’t they?

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Welcome Charlie

For those who’ve followed the blog for a while, you know my history with miscarriage and secondary infertility.

Husband and I began trying for another child when our first was about 10 months old. We were able to get pregnant quite easily, but I could never get over that magic first trimester hump.

Finally, after trying and trying and trying and trying some more, we did it! My pregnancy was hell. But this little one was so wanted, I tried to focus on how long it’d taken us to get here and just enjoy the process.

We hadn’t told anyone our due date (March 30, btw) so as not to have pressure questions asking about arrival towards the date.

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