Dairy Queen Micracle Treat Day

Sharing Smiles III can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to have a child need the care of The Hospital for Sick Children – my little sister was there for a few months back in the summer of 2004, and it was hard enough to watch her cope with recovery and her extended stay.

I remember seeing the many young patients at the hospital and just thinking to myself how lucky I was to have had good health all my life, and how lucky my sister was at that moment to be in a place where such quality and innovative care could be given. It was a miracle my sister recovered as well as she did, and it’s also been a miracle that our family hasn’t had to go back again.

It’s thanks to many fundraising efforts that Sick Kids can continue to do the great work they do, which is why events like Dairy Queen’s Miracle Treat Day are so important. Continue reading

Coming to terms with a changing body

5 mesesOne of the most beautiful things about pregnancy is how your body changes and adapts to accommodate this new life growing within you. The miracle of life is exactly that, a miracle. I’m absolutely awed every time I think about how my uterus goes from about the size of my fist, pre-pregnancy to the size of a watermelon at birth. (And that it will go back again!)

Another part of this growing and changing is that mama-to-be will gain some weight. It’s no surprise to any expectant mother, but even when you’re anticipating packing on a few pounds, the sudden ‘sticker shock’ that comes with stepping on the scale for your monthly visit can still be tough to handle.

During the first 5 months of my pregnancy, I gained a total of 5 pounds and felt comfortable with that, even if I had lost my waist. But at my most recent appointment, I was shocked to discover I’d gained 9 pounds in one month! Continue reading

Why am I so hungry all the time?

A Rainbow of Fruity FlavorChalk it up to the catch-all excuse of pregnancy of fluctuating hormones, or simply that growing a human being takes a lot of energy, but for the last week or two I have been just ravenous pretty much all of the time.

It’s to the point now where I’ve even woken up in the middle of the night with hunger pangs and had to nosh a small snack before going back to bed. (Because the half dozen trips to the bathroom every night weren’t enough of a sleep disturbance).

This is in stark contrast to the feeling of complete stuffedness I’d been having for the last couple months. It was like I didn’t have enough room in my belly to eat all of the tasty treats I wanted to eat (or the vitamin-rich foods I know my baby needs.) I kept telling people that I’d run out of room in my tummy for food. So what gives, why the sudden change now? Continue reading

Baby kicks

What’s the most amazing thing about being pregnant? For me, it’s feeling our little one moving around inside my belly. The first stirs were gentle and infrequent, but they’ve steadily grown to definite and near constant reminders of the new life we’ll be welcoming in October. I honestly wish this feeling would last forever (yes, even when I’m trying to sleep and little one thinks it’s the best time to start practicing somersaults.) Continue reading

Glucose tolerance test

(The icky drink.)

Pregnant women are routinely screened for diabetes sometime between their 24 and 28 week of pregnancy, though this can vary patient to patient and doctor to doctor.

Given that I have a family history of gestational and Type 2 diabetes, my doctor had me do the glucose tolerance test when I went for my 24 week checkup.

Probably the most awful test of my pregnancy so far, I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that I pass and don’t have to repeat with the more intense three hour version of the test. Continue reading

Matters of the gums

ToothbrushesI’m always amazed by the number of things no one tells you about getting pregnant: like how high incidents of miscarriage are; a little torture device known as round ligament pain; leg cramps and super sensitive gums.

I’d read in my ‘what to expect’ book that sensitive (and bleeding) gums were a normal part of pregnancy that I could expect at any point, but it wasn’t until just the other day that I fully understood. Continue reading