Diaper-eez review

drying diapersFrom as soon as we found out we were expecting, I knew that I wanted to use cloth diapers for our little one. The environmental impact of disposable diapers combined with their harshness on newborn skin has always put me off the idea of using them as a primary method of diapering.

Which led me to Diaper-eez, a fully stocked and loaded cloth diaper boutique that just happened to be located in our very own Bloor West Village!

While we had decided that a service would be the better way to go for us – we didn’t want the wear and tear on our laundry machines, and the extra costs associated with the increased water usage (since cloth diapers need to be rinsed really well) – I still wanted to have an idea of how cloth diapers worked and what would be involved with them.

The service we decided on offers cotton cloth diapers that are pre-folds, which makes a barrier cover a necessity if you don’t want mess on you or your furniture. So I popped in to Diaper-eez to see what cloth diapering was all about. Continue reading

‘Your Pregnancy Week by Week’ review

Your Pregnancy Week by WeekWhen it comes to books on pregnancy, there’s no shortage of options to choose from.

In fact, standing in the parenting aisle of any bookstore is enough to induce anxiety in even the most stalwart of parents-to-be.

Deciding which book(s) to read in your journey to becoming a parent can be an overwhelming task. Not many in our group of friends have had kids yet, so we weren’t able to pick their brains for recos ahead of time.

So, on a whim, I was searching through the rows upon rows of books when I came across ‘Your Pregnancy Week by Week’. It had everything I was looking for in a pregnancy book. Continue reading

Wayfair.com review

Rockland Drop-Side Cribs Recalled

(not our crib)

When it came time to select a crib for little one, husband and I took a very long time in deciding which model we’d like. It’d been months we’ve been hunting and nothing was really standing out to as ‘the one’ for our family.

Then someone mentioned mini cribs to me and suddenly it all made sense. Yes. A mini crib is what we needed for our small family home.

After looking at several models, I fell in love with one particular crib dubbed the ‘Emily’ – which just so happens to be the name we chose if little one turns out to be a girl. It seemed like fate that this crib was meant to join our family! Continue reading

Motherhood Maternity review

20120811-175414.jpgAs I wrote about in my Thyme Maternity review last week, when it comes to buying maternity clothes in Canada, there seems to be very few options for expectant mothers, and even fewer still stylish options.

For a while, I thought that Thyme was all there was for mamas-to-be when it came to shopping for maternity clothes in Canada, aside from boutiques, of course – but then I saw several ads for Motherhood Maternity in several of my pregnancy magazines, and decided to look them up to see if they had locales in Canada. They did!

And just look at that cute T-shirt I scored!

There were two locations close to our house, so I decided to hit up the ‘outlet’ location, with the hope that they’d have more selection and deeper discounts.

As I wrote before, I didn’t think I needed maternity clothes, but after finding they can make you feel 100x better in your pregnancy, I was converted to a believer. Motherhood also happened to carry more items in my size, especially swimsuits – which was the item I was on the hunt for that day. Continue reading

Thyme Maternity review

20120803-170210.jpgWhen it comes to buying maternity clothes in Canada, there seems to be very few options for expectant mothers, and even fewer still stylish options.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was all determined that I wasn’t going to buy any special maternity clothes that I’d only wear ‘for a couple of months’ anyways. I didn’t think I would grow large until close to the end of my pregnancy (HA!) nor did I think there was much more that maternity clothes could provide that regular clothes in a larger size couldn’t. Boy was I wrong.

Turns out, I did get quite the belly around the 5 month mark, and that having properly-sized maternity clothes can make you look and feel good. Not to mention that having a little extra room in just the right spots (while leaving other areas at pre-baby snugness) can really help an expectant mama to feel both comfortable and sexy.

Continue reading

Evymama Jane Street review

When it comes to having babies and procuring all the things you’ll ‘need’ to raise one, there’s no shortage of big box, specialty, and niche stores in the city where one can find any item your heart desires.

I’d been familiar with the Jane St. location of Evymama since we first moved to the neighbourhood nearly three years ago. And while someone I used to know had told me the staff were rude to her sister, I always make my own conclusions about a place.

I’ve decided to breastfeed, and liked the idea of being able to pump so that my husband could take a late night feeding (and I could get more sleep) as well as being able to bank some extra in case I wanted to go out for a day or evening, without little one going hungry. Which is why a breast pump was an obvious choice for our family situation.

After searching reviews and reading features of breast pumps for what seemed like years, I felt comfortable settling on a model from Ameda that met all our needs. Thing was, the only place in the city I could find that sold it was Evymama. Continue reading

Babies ‘R’ Us registry review

Baby RegistryWhen my husband and I got married nearly two years ago, we didn’t register as we’d been living together for several years and already had everything we needed for our life together, so when we found out we were expecting our first little one, I was super excited to set up a registry for our baby-to-be.

When it came to setting up a wish-list for our little one, it seemed only natural to register with Babies ‘R’ Us – they know little ones, were located close to us and offered both online shopping and price matching.

The process was simple enough – I simply created my profile online (I’m a huge fan of anything you can do online!) and then started searching and adding items to our registry. Continue reading